San Antonio Riverwalk

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The Alamo and The Riverwalk go hand in hand. If you check out one, you might as well check out the other, they’re neighbors!

San Antonio has created quite the name for itsself. The Riverwalk and everything that I’ve heard about it, is true. It’s a great place to be in the heart of San Antonio. We were only in San Antonio for a day, well not even, but we both gained a great perspective and appreciation for the city from the water. The Riverwalk is not only a tourist spot, but a local destination. Sure you will find a lot of tourists in the area but you will find the locals as well and it’s because the city was built around this waterway.

The awesome part of the Riverwalk is that you can do anything in this area. Walk, sightsee, dine, shop, stay. All available. Sy and I actually took the boat tour which brought us all around the Riverwalk and city. It cost about $8 and lasted around 30 minutes. It gave us a great insight and a whole new perspective “from the river” of the city. You can also take taxi’s on the water. Pretty unique.
This is the “flat” building (above). The architecture of the buildings is really interesting. No two are the same, many buildings are no longer what they originally were. History is hidden in every corner.
One of the many restaurants along the water (below).

Below, is the office of the architect that designed the Riverwalk. The buildings were built around the waterways and more importantly (and very interesting) the buildings could not cast a shadow on the Alamo that is nearby. The city was literally built around the San Antonio River and the Alamo. History is preserved.
This is the observatory where you can go up and view San Antonio from the air. It’s similar to the space needle in Seattle and Toronto. We thought viewing the city from the river was much, much more interesting.

(Above) The Convention Center

The mall is also located right next to the San Antonio.

The San Antonio River and the city of San Antonio were actually named at different times but as fate would have it, they have the same name. They are named after Saint Anthony, patron of lost things and children. This statue was a gift to the city from Lisbon, Portugal.

Many of these buildings were built for the World’s Fair in 1968. This includes the below hotel. A year before the Fair was scheduled, every room in the below hotel was booked. The only problem was that the hotel was yet to be built. The hotel was completed within 260 days (or something like that). The solution was, each room was built off-site and then fit like a puzzle at it’s present location. Interesting, eh!
This is the site of the theatre in San Antonio. We were told that there are often live performances here that the public can come and watch (the stage is obviously across the river from the audience). This is also where Miss Congeniality was filmed with Sandra Bullock.
Below is one of the more interesting, unexpected sights of the tour. Two trees, growing thru the wall and still alive. Amazing.

After we were done the boat tour, we ate lunch at Casa Rio. Casa Rio is a little, family owned Mexican restaurant right along the water. It is the oldest along the Riverwalk. You can eat inside or out and the food was very good.

The Riverwalk was gorgeous when we went. The trees, flowers and ambiance of the area is amazing and very relaxing. During the holiday season, the Riverwalk is completely lit up with lights. I can only imagine how beautiful it is.

2 thoughts on “San Antonio Riverwalk

  1. Alyx

    I’ve always wanted to make the trip down to San Antonio, but I think your pictures made me a little more anxious to make it actually happen!!

  2. Liz

    I knew about that Miss Congeniality tidbit 🙂 one of my favorite movies. I did the boat ride as well, I think I might this year too.


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