Dewey Destin, Destin, FL

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Sy and I have travelled to the Destin, Florida area three times in the last four years. It is beautiful, relaxing – quite frankly it’s paradise. One spot that we’ve checked out while we’re there is Dewey Destin.

Dewey Destin isn’t on the main strip of the island. Frankly, to me it feels like it’s tucked away within the cove. If you are coming into Destin from the West on highway 98, you’ll go over the huge bridge coming into Destin – take the first left (Calhoun Ave). You’ll see a sign on your left. If you’d rather take your boat, that’s possible too. There’s a dock. As tucked away as it is, don’t be surprised when you pull up and the parking lot is full. This is quite a popular place.

This is Dewey Destin. One little building attached to a building on a dock. Yes, you eat on the water.

I’m not going to lie. It’s a little tight quarters when you go in to order. You can order a meal for lunch or dinner or you can get fresh seafood to bring home and cook yourself. Once you order, take a seat and you’re food will be brought out. The seating is appropriate enough – picnic tables with openness to view out at the adjointing dock. A couple years ago when we were here, there were dolphins swimming nearby (my favorite). I think that’s why we keep going back to be honest – I LOVE seeing the dolphins. No dolphins this year though.

Sy ordered the fried oyster basket which came with coleslaw and fries. The meal was $17 which we found to be a little overpriced for the amount of food.

I ordered the shrimp salad sandwich. The shrimp salad was loaded with shrimp and placed on a hamburger bun. The sandwich was good.

For me, Dewey Desin is about the atmosphere. I love being near the water, enjoying the view and hoping that I’m lucky enough to see a dolphin or two. It’s also very convenient if you’re already on the water.
If you are in the area, try it out and let me know what you had and what you think!

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