Sunflower Fields

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There is something about traveling that I love and that’s the unexpected.
Obviously, you are aiming at some kind of destination when you are driving somewhere but there is no telling what you will run into along the way. Sometimes, you are pleasantly surprised and other times, well, we just don’t need to discuss those. On our way to Ennis, we drove by a huge sunflower field. Well, two of them actually. On our way back home, we took an alternate route and as luck would have it, we drove by even more. So beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Sunflower Fields

  1. Magesh Gurunathan

    Hi…Can you please let me know where exactly you saw both the sunflower fields. I am planning to visit enis this weekend. Would love to visit the sunflower fields.

    1. Diana Post author

      Hi Kelly – If I remember correctly, this is off Hwy 45 heading South into Ennis. There were a ton of sunflower fields around the area so I’m certain if you were to drive around, you’d find some along the way! We may have also seen some off Hwy 34 towards Italy just outside of Ennis as well. (These pictures were taken around Memorial Day weekend of that year.)


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