Memorial Day Weekend 2012

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Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the city for a while. I think if we lived in a perfect world I’d be living in the country period but that time will come in the future (at least I’m hoping). For the first part of Memorial Day weekend we headed out to Ennis, Texas. Country livin’!
Each Memorial Day Weekend, Ennis holds the Polka Festival. There is a large Czech population in Mid/Central Texas. Sy has some extended family out there and we finally took them up on their offer  to go check this place out. The main attraction (at least to us) was the Horseshoe Tournament.
We didn’t attend all of the festivities but I’ll let you in on what I know. There is a parade, craft area (where you can buy or at least get ideas for items to make), a kolache eating contest, dancing, horseshoe tournament and a concert in the evening. We peeked in at the dancing and watched the horseshoe tournament.
What’s polka dancing look like you ask? Well I’ll show ya!
For me, the best part about being in Ennis was being in the country. Cows, horses, neighbors whose homes are not sitting right on top of yours. Perfect! This is what livin’ is all about!
 When we were in Ennis, Sy and I took this golf cart contraption out for a ride on his family’s land. So beautiful and thankfully no snakes! The cows were super friendly. Reminded me a bit of growing up with our cows. The wild flowers were gorgeous!
 I also experienced my first two scorpion sightings. Yes, I said two. “I don’t think we’re in Vermont anymore!” The first, I stepped on the little sucker. The second one… (see below) frankly I’m short so this one was out of my reach. They were babies but they’re in the same category as those snakes in my book.
This may be the most enjoyable part of the weekend. I got to ride a horse! It’s been a while so I was a little nervous but so much fun! Isn’t he a handsome fella?!
My buddy here didn’t feel like walking, he was taking his time. He would always go to the side of the fence where the other horses were and say,
“Why am I the only who has to do this?!”
“It’s Sunday, It’s my day of rest too!”
Sy learned verbal commands are not as effective as physical commands when it comes to riding a horse.
“Left, left, left” didn’t get him anywhere.
It was hilarous.
Nothing like a weekend in the country! We couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing weekend.
Thank you Felicia and Jace for having us! We had a great time!

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