The Lumineers, 2012-06-01 – Dallas

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A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine had put a link to a video on his Facebook and basically said how he couldn’t stop listening to this song / band. Of course I was interested and soon enough I had video’s lined up, on repeat and went out and bought their CD (and yes, I still love buying actual CD’s). The band is The Lumineers and I’m still hooked. As luck would have it, they were playing in Dallas on June 1st. I had to go. I HAD to go!
If you don’t know the name, I’m sure you know the song. It’s on a Bing commercial (unless you fast forward thru them all)…
I LOVE coming across a band that is still going out and just loving every second of what they’re doing. They haven’t sold out, they’re writing their own music and just killing it on stage. Sometimes it’s hard to find as a lot of musicians conform but with the Lumineers they’re doing they’re thing and the crowd is catching on. The show sold out in this small venue. I believe they said it was their first sold out show, their first “forced” encore (no one was leaving without some more tunes) and I guarantee it won’t be their last. I also guarantee that I will probably never see them live again in such a small venue (unless I make friends with someone who can have them play a private show).
Sy and I had the pleasure of checking them out at the Prophet Bar in Dallas. This is a small venue in Deep Ellum which was quickly packed. Lucky for us, ok – luck for me, we were 2-3 rows in from the stage. I’m short, Sy made sure to remind me how great his view was at 6’3″.
During the encore, The Lumineers when into the middle of the venue, stood on a bar (I think) and just played acoustic. Such a way to connect with your audience!
The Lumineers are raw. I say this is a good way, a really great way! If you have a chance to check them out, definitely don’t let it pass you by. They are phenomenal live! They’re actually playing in my home state of Vermont in August at the Waterfront in Burlington with Old Crow Medicine Show. If only I could make it up there! For all those who can – go and let me know how awesome the show is! Such a beautiful place to see some great live music! And to The Lumineers – you are going to love Vermont and keep on doing what you’re doing! We love every second!
Check out more video’s on my YouTube site – here.

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