Rendezvous, Memphis

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Alright, I have something very important to tell you. I need everyone to pay attention, very close attention. I’ve thought and thought about how to write this post and I still don’t think it’s perfected but I need to spread the word. Do I have your attention?! Ok – lets begin!
Down an alley in the middle of Memphis, you will find a restaurant that goes by the name of Rendezvous. This place is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, if it came in food style that is. Let’s face the facts – Memphis is known for music and food. I would think BBQ would be on the top of everyone’s food list… Am I right? Am I right?! Well – it was on top of ours. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows us.
One thing that I’ve learned about the South is that Texas is primarily beef BBQ. Everyone else, from Memphis to the Carolina’s is primarily pork. So pork BBQ is what we were expecting. One of my friends from home had lived in Memphis for a couple years so she had recommended Rendezvous. We are forever thankful.
As I said, Rendezvous is found down an alley. Yes, an alley. After walking in, you will see the main part of the restaurant can be found downstairs. Upstairs, is waiting area with TV’s all set to the NCAA semifinal game and people lounging around. There’s a bar available to keep you company.
We were seated at our table downstairs and the atmosphere is very eclectic. There’s one of everything on the walls, hanging from the ceilings. The waiters are dressed in white button down shirts with black bow ties. Very suave. Loved it! The menu sits under a glass cover on the table tops. No chopped brisket sandwiches here!
The appetizers really caught my attention. Not the typical appetizers. Cheese and sausage, ham and cheese, salami, Charcoal Broiled Lamb Riblets. All meats. All appropriate.
Sy ordered pork shoulder and a short order of ribs.
I ordered a pork shoulder sandwich with a side of coleslaw.
Rendezvous is known for their ribs, so we were told. Both the ribs and the pork shoulder were seasoned with a dry rub. Sy enjoyed the ribs but stated that they were not as good as some others he had in the past. The world changed though when he took a bite of the pork shoulder and I will agree –
it was the best BBQ I’ve had. Period.
The meat was moist. Oh – so juicy and tender it was like it melted in your mouth. Really, if you just put the meat on a sandwich it was good on its own but then the Rendezvous BBQ sauce was thrown on top the world just got a little better. Icing on the cake, cherry on top, it all applies. I’m completely serious when I say it was the best BBQ I’ve had. Sy agrees. If Sy agrees, you know you are in good company.
The BBQ sauce was even available for purchase. Just an FYI, we are running low!

2 thoughts on “Rendezvous, Memphis

  1. Megan Goodrich

    I’m glad you enjoyed Rendezvous and The Peabody! Also, yes, you are a great friend…as a “big” sister I’m glad my “little” brother has friends like you!

  2. Alyssa

    I’m am goign to be honest… I don’t eat meat.. I know, I live in Memphis and have never had BBQ.. GASP! BUT I have been to Rendevous and have really never heard anything bad about the food.

    I will say though, people around here typically perfer either Rendevous or Corky’s. My boyfriend thinks Corky’s is wayyyyy better. Sooooo if you’re ever in the Memphis area again, I suggest possibly checking it out 🙂


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