Beale Street

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Obviously, I’ve been in a writing slump. Then I was looking thru pictures and completely forgot to share this with you. A huge attraction in Memphis is Beale Street. I really had no idea what I was missing…
Beale Street is just a party street. The ends of the street are blocked off and watched over by the fine Memphis Police Department. There’s musicians, performers but mostly just people walking around drinking and having a good time. It originally started up in the 1920’s with nightclubs, theatres, shops along with drinking and gambling. Obviously, it has carried on thru to today. The street is still packed.
She’s waiting for customers!
I was amazed at how many historical landmark signs we saw just down this area of what felt like three blocks, although now that I think back about it I really shouldn’t be. The musical history down this street alone is impressive. Elvis was influenced here, BB King made his mark here and artists are still beginning their claim to fame in this area.
Someone was loving this sign.
Now, Beale Street isn’t the only stop in the area. Really, there’s quite a lot to see and all within walking distance of each other. I wish we could’ve had a chance to check a few of these out. Maybe next time…
Sun Studios – Known as the birthplace of Rock and Roll. It’s recorded numerous artists, perhaps you’ve heard of a few guys named Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash? You can still go in and record. How cool is that?
This is just a “Kooky” sign we saw. Sy loved it.
Home of the Memphis Grizzlies.
Sy showing his Dallas Mavs pride.
I was more interested in what was diagonally across the street – Gibson Guitars! I would’ve loved to go on a factory tour!
Memphis wouldn’t be Memphis without the Rock and Soul Museum in the area.
The street was lined with these different sports balls along the street. I had to include them. They were fun!
Autozone Park is nearby as well located right in the middle of the city area (at least it felt like it) and diagonally across the street from the Peabody. Checkout the local minor league baseball team – it looked like a nice place to see a game.
Memphis, if only we could have had a little more time to spend together!

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