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So we made it to Philadelphia and I gathered the quick impression that the “City of Brotherly Love” is more of a sarcastic comment than anything. Other than that we had a really great time even though it wasn’t nearly long enough of a visit. Dave and Audrey lived in the historic area with brick streets and in an old charming apartment that was just super cozy.
Here are some of places we got to check out:
Independence Hall
The Liberty Bell
Little story regarding the Liberty Bell. We thought you had to pay to get into the building to be “up close” to the bell so we just ended up taking this picture outside thru the glass. Turns out going inside is free. Just FYI for all of your future visits, haha!
A monument in the park.
Now, who goes to Philly without trying out a cheesesteak? Not us! We went to Jim’s on South Street. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so stressed when ordering food. These guys didn’t mess around. When it was your turn be ready quick and to the point on how you want your sandwich done. Seriously – be quick. I also learned, cheesewiz goes on these bad boys and it was delicious!
On our last day, we woke up super early to get ready to hit the road and then we realized… we hadn’t climbed the Rocky steps!?! Detour!
The steps are actually at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Honestly, they’re not as big as I thought they would be but the view was better than I could’ve imagined!
And yes, I made it to the top of the steps! Look, I think I even see the car parked down there!
Now, off to Kentucky!

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