New York City, March 2008

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While we were staying in Philly, we took a bus into New York City for a day so Sy could see what the fuss was all about. Just kidding, he really wanted to check it out and why not?! I’ve been there a few times but I made sure we tried to hit as many NYC landmarks as we could in the short time we were there. We couldn’t hit them all but everyone has to go at least once, right?!
First thing was first, we met some celebrities on the street.
There is a Toys “R” Us in the middle of Times Square and it is the coolest place. They had a huge truck hanging from the ceiling, a massive dinosaur, a Ferris wheel inside the store and giant things made out of Lego’s. Who doesn’t love Lego’s?!
Times Square. This place comes alive at night!
Madison Square Garden
We rocked the Empire State Building.
It’s amazing when you go up on a windy day, you can feel the building actually swaying at the top.
Even though it was a cloudy / hazy day, the city is gorgeous.
Maybe next time we’ll go up at night!
We strolled by the NYC Library.
Perused thru Rockefeller Center. Be sure to go inside and check out the building and the NBC store. It’s pretty interesting. If you get there early enough you can see the Today Show or even ask about standby tickets to a late night show.
My legs are too short to ever be a Rockette, but it’s nice to imagine, haha!
St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Once of the most beautiful Cathedrals nestled into the city.
A do believe a trip to FAO was a must! Remember “Big” ya’ll?!
I really do love this toy store. My all time favorite. Now if only I was rich!
Central Park. So relaxing. Sometimes you forget you’re in the middle of the city.
Our final stop right before Sy’s dream of hailing a cab in NYC was fulfilled.
This was the school that Sy’s grandma attended for nursing school. Still standing!
Bordem is never really an option in NYC is it.
Until next time NYC! Thanks for a day of fun!

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