River House, Portsmouth, NH

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Located on Bow Street in Portsmouth, just walking to the restaurant will bring your imagination to what Portsmouth was like years and years ago but the food inside will think that you’ve been gifted by the food gods. There – I said it. This place is AMAZING!
If you find yourself in Portsmouth just craving some seafood and local culture, as I was, look no further than River House. I’m so glad that I had to pleasure of eating here and fully intend to return. Now the torture in having to write about my delicious meal with absolutely no way to savoring the food, while I write this.
The River House is located in downtown Portsmouth, right on the harbor. The building provides rustic charm, architecture that shines thru and original pieces of the building that haven’t been changed since first constructed. They have an area where you can sit outside and view the tugboats in the harbor. I imagine this is quite the popular locale in the summer where it is a little warmer outside.
Now – let’s get to the good stuff. My friend Cody ordered the Coca-Cola BBQ Pulled Pork Roll (below). It came with coleslaw. (We traded for my pickles.) He thought it was delicious plus there really are few things better than fresh cut fries.
Lobster Roll – that was all that was on my mind on the Saturday. That I got!
I’m going to go out on a limb and claim that the River House is known for the Lobster Roll and definitely their Seafood Chowder. Holy Moly was it ever delicious. The lobster is loaded into a grilled Brioche bun and when i say loaded, they definitely cannot fill anymore lobster into that bun! It wasn’t overly loaded with dressing and certainly did not lack lobster. The lobster and the Brioche bun were the perfect combination. The Lobster Rolls come in two different sizes (see below).
How is the chowder? I’ll be honest and I’m not a huge fan of soups or chowder when it comes down to it but no one is joking around when the menu stated the Seafood Chowder is “Voted New England’s Best!”. There are huge chunks of lobster, scallops, shrimp, clams and haddock and it will leave you wanting more even though are are stuffed by the end of your meal. Believe me, you will want more – it was a sad tale when the bowl was empty. It was seriously beyond delicious.

Now if neither of these seem to attract your attention, their menu is a little more extensive than the two items above. Starters, salads, sandwiches and entrees include Asian inspired dishes, fresh seafood items, meatloaf, burgers and even Guinness braised boneless ribs. River House also has a gluten free menu options. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something you liked on this list.

If only I lived closer, I would make it a point to be a regular and I’m sure I wouldn’t get sick of just ordering the Small Ship plate. I have no shame! At this particular moment, I’m having a hard time with these cravings!
If you find yourself in the area and are looking for a great local meal and local flavor – swing on over! I know you won’t be disappointed and as always – let me know what you think!

One thought on “River House, Portsmouth, NH

  1. Carol

    We were visiting Portsmouth a few years ago and stopped at the Visitor Center for advise on what to do and where to eat. We chose the River House and were not disappointed. We return to Portsmouth every summer just to have lunch or dinner. In June I am meeting someone from California on their way to Maine for lunch and I suggested the River House so we will be there on Sunday, June 17th to enjoy a brunch. Looking forward to a wonderful meal. I just love the seafood chowder.


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