The Galleria Christmas Tree

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The Galleria Mall in Dallas is home to the world’s largest indoor Christmas tree.
I’ve wanted to see this thing since I first heard about it and this year I finally got the chance!
As you can see it sits in the middle of the ice skating rink and sits oh so pretty!
When you look at the tree you can also see six year old girls who can ice skate better than you can ever dream of, haha.
I went to look at the tree from the 4th floor and I got a little vertigo.
It was kind of weird and unenjoyable. Has this happened to anyone else?
The ground floor was much better!
Look at all those ornaments and lights!
I have a feeling this guy probably hates his job but I’ve always wanted to drive a Zamboni… even if it is just around the Christmas tree in an ice rink (more preferably on a hockey rink, just FYI)!
Throughout the day, the tree lights will kind of “dance” the holiday music. It’s pretty neat to watch. It was also kind of cool to catch a glimpse of the tree without any lights on and really see how much decor was on the tree.
Happy Holidays!

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