Poutine at La Pataterie

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Speaking of going home, I think that there is one thing that everyone who has moved away from home will agree on. When we do go home, there are just certain places where we absolutely have to visit to get our food fix. One of mine (yes, there’s more than one) is going to La Pataterie in Bedford, Quebec for some good poutine and hot dogs, but mostly poutine.
Poutine? What is this? Homemade french fries with brown gravy and curd cheese, of course. I have a lot of family in Canada so we’ve been stopping here since I was really little. When I first introduced Sy to poutine, he wasn’t so sure. They don’t have this kind of thing in Texas. Now, he is in the same boat, we gotta have it (at least once) each trip home.
Now if you are thinking that you need to speak French in order to place an order or do anything in Quebec. You are mistaken. Although, I’m not up there as much as I use to be, most places are bilingual. Take La Pataterie for example, bilingual. I actually went in there once when I first brought Sy and tried to order in French. I can understand and speak French pretty fluently however I get really nervous when I go to speak it, so I messed up. (I don’t have anyone to practice with down here in the big TX.) Sy was laughing, I was embarassed, then I just spoke in English. The people at the restaurant knew, it was alright. I think they even chuckled at my attempt.
What goes good with fries? Hot dogs of course! I’m a ketchup only kind of gal.
I’m not really sure if this is just a Quebec delicacy (yes, I’m deeming it a delicacy!) or if it’s all throughout Canada but if you ever find yourself up there, be sure to take a pit stop and try one of these. Or try making one yourself! Delicious! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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