Belvidere Pond and The Wall

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While I was home I wanted to spend as much of my time outside as possible. With an early morning rain shower, going hiking was out of the question – I would be slipping in the mud all the way to the top. So my brother and I went canoeing. We went to Belvidere Pond in Belvidere, VT.
The story goes, that they can’t tell where the bottom is in this pond. I’m not really sure how true this is but it’s not exactly comforting to me. I’ve actually had nightmares about being stuck out there. So when my brother said he wanted to go, I wasn’t wicked excited but I figured he could fight the monstrous creature off if something came up out of the water. This is what happens when you are raised with a great imagination (thanks Mom!).
The area was so peaceful. We were the only ones out there for the few ours that we were there and it was quiet except for the few cars that were passing by on the main road which follows the pond. There’s even a parking area for people to just sit and take a break from their day to enjoy the scenery, which is apparently quite popular.
Our parents use to bring us out here when we were really little. Cars use to park on the side of the road around sundown and watch the moose walk across the road. It was really something. If you are lucky and come at the right time, I’m sure you could see one today. Does anyone else remember coming here to see moose?
On the other side of this little cove, the lake really opens up. It’s huge and beautiful.
There’s no pictures of us in the canoe – I chose to leave it in the truck. I have a history of flipping them as I get in/out of the canoe which wouldn’t have fared so well.
This is a pretty nice area to go canoeing and kayaking. There is a great area to get into the pond, some areas are shallow however it provides a great place to grab fresh air and just take a breather.
Here is a beaver dam which we saw while we were out. No beavers though.
After our canoeing adventures were complete, we decided to drive around a bit and check out the scenery. It’s a great pastime in Vermont.
My brother was trying to show me a friend’s deer camp nearby, so thru the woods we went.
Little did he know I would be more amused by the old stone wall we found in the woods.
You don’t really see a lot of these anymore. I think more people tear them down now. Back in the “olden” days, this is how people separated their property. It would take an awful lot to move one of these.  But to see them in the middle of the woods, completely covered in moss and leaves, it makes you wonder exactly how long they’ve been there and what they’ve seen traversing thru these woods.

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