June Dairy Days – Sulphur Springs, TX

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Back in Franklin County, VT, June Dairy Day is a big deal. Frankin County is filled with nothing but dairy farms really. Growing up, June Dairy Day weekend was almost like a holiday, there was a parade, rides, a pageant, tons of events. Here in Texas, I’ve realized that they have cows for meat, not so much milk but I was still curious to search around and see if there were any festivities that I could attend and of course compare. Smiles!

Last June, I found Dairy Days in Sulphur Springs out in East Texas. I realized that this Dairy Festival was not as big as the one back home but it did it’s job.

They each had a parade. (I missed the one in Sulphur Springs.)

Sulphur Springs not only has a Dairy Museum but giant cows (+1 Sulphur Springs).
You have to have old cars…. in Sulphur Springs it was specifically Corvettes. Can’t say I’m a huge fan but this one was nice to look at.

Like the festivities back home, there is a pageant, however when I was in the pageant, we did not have to milk cows like these Southern ladies did.

Obviously, these were not the ladies in the pageant.

Something that I liked about Sulphur Springs was that everything was held right outside the arena. Inside, you could escape the heat, use an actual bathroom and watch some horse competition.
There was also a Dairy Queen right down the street that was pretty convenient.

Although, this was not nearly as big as the festival back home it was nice attending an event which reminded me of Vermont. It’s nice taking part in something that celebrates dairy farmers, something that is part of my family history as well as many others. 
The Dairy Days is going on all this week out in Sulphur Springs – check it out if you are curious.

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