Dublin Dr. Pepper Festival

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Each year the town of Dublin, Texas turns into Dr. Pepper, Texas (legally) for one week in June. Dublin, is the home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant – beginning in 1891. The Dr. Pepper in Dublin isn’t your ordinary Dr. Pepper. Before I came to Texas, I thought there was only one Dr. Pepper. To be honest, I wasn’t that crazy about it. The Dr. Pepper in Dublin is made with Imperial Sugar Cane and man oh man is it ever DELICIOUS! I’ve become spoiled, it’s the only Dr. Pepper I will drink.

The Dr. Pepper Birthday Celebration is something to experience and is bigger than I initially thought. Located in the heart of the Hill Country, the drive to Dublin is beautiful in itself.The only problem is that it takes place in June… in Texas… it’s HOT! (Bring water and sunscreen.)

I attended this festival in 2009 and there is something for everyone in the family. Take part in the 10-2-4K Run, check out the vendors, crafts, live music, family friendly games and activities and of course – CAKE! Be sure to check out the exhibits – I got some great George Boutwell prints a couple years ago and LOVE them! Make sure you get some for yourself.

George Boutwell, “Hye” Print

More importantly, check out the bottling plant. This is a must (even though there will be a line). Go in and see the souvenir museum and tour the bottling plant to see how it all goes down. At the end of the tour, swing by the gift shop. Treat yourself to a float and you won’t want to leave without grabbing a case or two (or four) of the Dr. Pepper with Imperial Sugar! I would fill the back of a pick-up if I could.

If you are ever in the Hill Country, swing on over to Dublin. This weekend they are celebrating their 120th Birthday! There is something for everyone.
Have you had a chance to attend the Dublin Dr. Pepper Festival?

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