Ranger’s Baseball Stadium

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In honor of opening day tomorrow at the Ranger’s Stadium – it’s officially baseball season 2011! Whoohoo!

For those who love baseball, the season is here! For some its the most exciting part of the year. Opening day means getting together with some of your closest friends, heading to the parking lot as early as you can and tailgating until game time. You walk into the ballpark wearing your best fan gear with hundreds of other fans ready to take on everything the season is about to bring. On the way to your seat, you grab a beer and nachos, popcorn or any other snack item and get ready to cheer on your team (and hopefully they win!)!

In honor of opening day of the Rangers ballpark (and other stadiums) and since the opening day game couldn’t be against a better team (the Red Sox). Let’s chat about the Ranger’s ballpark!

The stadium has had a lot of upgrades this year including a new, huge screen in the outfield (come on we have Jerry World next door to keep an eye on), but upgrades aren’t everything. Each stadium has a tour, I’ve been on the Ranger’s tour twice, here are some highlights (however I encourage you to check it out yourself).

You will have a personal tour guide that will bring you to various locations throughout the stadium and tell you historical and informational stories about the building and even a few secrets. (I’m not going to tell you the secrets, then you wouldn’t take the tour!)

We were brought to the press box. Check out the seats you would get if you worked for a network!
Since we’re in the press box, why not check out some suites?! Each suite has a unique entrance, some have famous players, along with a game day ball…
…while some are for more important people…
Let’s go check out where the home team gets ready…
Pretty swanky…
Need to practice on your batting or pitching?
If you are lucky, you’ll have a tour while someone is warming up! Yes, this actually happens…I just wasn’t that lucky (this time, *wink*wink*).
I had to take a break from all this excitement, I had to attend a press conference (I’m kind of a big deal).
With that out of the way, how about we head down to the field shall we?
This is the warm up room, behind the bench. Notice the floor is slanted up, Nolan Ryan had this put in when he played so he could warm up his legs.
This is also the refuge for pissed off players as well. Check out the water fountain, complete with cleat marks.
Home Bench!
This is the view you’d have if you were a player. Pretty darn sweet.
I see my man Ron Washington standing over here watching how baseball go, eating sunflower seeds.
The phones! You better believe we tried them out! 

Stadium tours are awesome. Each field brings something unique. Good luck to all of your teams this season!

Go check it out for yourself! Rangers Ballpark
By the way – Ron Washington… I love you! 🙂

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