Bayley’s Cafe

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If you are ever craving a huge breakfast, Bayley’s Café is the place to go. I say breakfast but they also have lunch options and I guarantee that you will not leave hungry.
Located at Glade Road and 121 in Colleyville, Texas, Bayley’s Cafe provides a ton of breakfast options – French toast, waffles, pancakes, omelets and the portions are large and super filling. For starters, if you are a pancake lover like myself, I know you walk into a restaurant for breakfast and you are thinking, give me the biggest stack of pancakes you have! And you might as well bring out a gallon of maple syrup with it! (Ok maybe that second part is just me…) The pancakes at Bayley’s Cafe have to be a half an inch thick and the size of your plate. They are filling, delicious and try to devour them with all of your mite but good luck to you on that challenge. And this isn’t just with pancakes, you get the same thing with any order.
One of my favorite things about Bayley’s Café (besides the huge portions that I can’t finish) is the originality of some of the menu options. Cinnamon swirl pancakes, whole wheat pancakes with a hint of honey, a bunch of omelet and waffles options and they are downright delicious. And if you woke up late and find yourself more in the mood for a sandwich or another lunch item, they have that for you too, along with daily specials. 
If you live in the DFW central area or if you are just in the area, be sure to stop by Bayley’s for a delicious breakfast and friendly staff.
Don’t forget to grab a toothpick from the pelican on your way out! 

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