Antique Alley, Texas

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Every year in April and September, rain or shine, you can travel along Farm Road 4 between Maypearl, Grandview and Cleburne you can expect nothing but sales. That’s right – its a 25 mile stretch full of steals and deals!

If you love pondering through items, what some may consider junk you consider gold, this is going to be the trip for you. This area is full of Texans who have been living in this area for generations, including many farmers and ranchers. Coming across some great antiques would not be a surprise so be sure to get out there bright and early!

I would suggest starting off in either Cleburne or Maypearl and head towards the other. Last year we decided to give this much talked about event a try. Half the fun is checking out the scenery along Farm Road 4 – its gorgeous! (Be sure to bring your camera!) You will want to park and walk around in each town. There’s lots to see!

We started off in Maypearl, a tiny little Texas town that I fell in love with the minute we got there. Love, love, love! The “Main Street” was lined with individuals, families and businesses with miscellaneous items to sell from antiques, to dishware, to yard items. We also ran into a few fund raising groups selling baked items and of course Girl Scout cookies (makes it hard to say no).
Soon enough you will find yourself heading west towards Grandview. Another small town, however slightly larger than Maypearl. Here we found a few shops open, typical “Texas” and antique shops. Again, the street lined with small tents. We found some baked goods – pies, breads, cookies and cakes. 
The last stop is Cleburne, the largest of the three towns. There will be a ton to look thru. Don’t be surprised that along the way you will run into tons of other stops. Families will be having lawn sales. Between Grandview and Cleburne there will be a large and very busy flea market area. You’ll know you are getting close when the traffic starts to pile up. Don’t be alarmed, you can either park and check it out or keep on trucking thru. The area is pretty large so if you are after treasure hunting, I’d suggest stopping. We didn’t stop to check this out but if you do – let me know how it is! I’m sure there is gold to be found in this area.
Don’t be surprised to run into some traffic along the way – you aren’t the only one out there looking for items or just perusing. It’s almost like a treasure hunt! The culture you come across along the way in incredible – straight up Texas! If you find your stomach growling from hunger – no worries there is everything from BBQ (we are in Texas afterall) to sausage on a stick. You won’t go hungry around these parts!

Antique Alley is known for growing larger each year so if you attend one event, its expected that you will find something new the next time. Driving around and checking out the scenery is half the fun of the trip. During April, you will see the wildflowers out in the fields, which you can’t help but admire. Antique Alley it makes for a great day.

I apologize for not having more pictures of the actual sales. Feel free to post comments / pictures if you attend!

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