I-35, Exit 353

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Spring in Texas is …. well perfect. The temperature is in the 60’s and 70’s with a slight breeze, the sun is out and its the perfect weather to just get in your car, roll the windows down and check out a new destination. Trips don’t have to be long, they just have to be an adventure. With that said, we decided to take this adventure to College Station, TX.
Our plan would be to take I-35 south to Waco then Route 6 south would being us straight to College Station. Before we would get to the home of the Aggies, there was only one thing on our mind…exit 353.

Does this place look familiar to you…
…if it does then I’m sure your mouth is watering already. If not, it will be shortly!

Exit 353 is in West, Texas, about an hour and a half (depending on your speed) south of the DFW area, more importantly the home of the Czech Stop. This restaurant / bakery, convenience store, gas station, rest area is a pit stop must for anyone traveling thru this area. And to say this place is popular is definitely an understatement. Don’t be alarmed or discouraged by the sight when you arrive, unless you arrive before 9am (which is the only time I haven’t seen the parking lot packed) you will be wondering if this is really worth the stop – the answer “YES!”, hands down.

The place will be busy, but this is a good thing. I mean – would you really want to stop somewhere with an empty parking lot? Yes, there is typically a line you will be thankful because it will only buy you more time to decide what you desire in their enormous selection. (The line also moves fast so don’t forget you do need to decide, or just get one of everything!)

The Czech Stop is famous for their kolaches. Before I came to Texas, I don’t think I really understood what a kolache was …. yea, yea – I know. (I came to Texas and my whole conception of food changed.) A kolache is kind of like a pastry, made with this semi-sweet dough filled with, well pretty much anything you want. It kind of looks like a biscuit or a roll but the filling is what sets it apart and will make you crave them whenever you think about heading south on I-35

The Czech Stop does a great job providing you with an absurd selection of kolaches. Ham and cheese, sausage and cheese, jalapeno and cheese, pepperoni kolaches, to name a few…

…along with sweets – raspberry with cream cheese, strawberry with cream cheese, cream cheese and pecan kolaches, all warmed up by the time you are done paying and ready to eat as soon as you walk out the door. They also offer various selections of breads, cookies and pies. My personal favorites are the sausage kolaches and the raspberry and cream cheese sweets.

Next time you are in the area make sure you exit 353… you will be thankful – oh so thankful!

For more info: http://www.czechstop.net/home.php

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